With inCharge, you’re in the loop at all times. At the click of a mouse, you can quickly call up an overview of the entire pool of licenses at your company. Because the program evaluates the usage data for your licenses progressively, you always have bang up-to-date information about all of your license activities.

You can see which licenses are currently being used and how many are still available. This allows you to identify shortages and keep the risk of imminent license outages to a minimum.

It’s not a problem for inCharge. Whenever you want, you can check which servers have a heavy license usage load and you can compare this load between servers. At the same time, you can simulate scenarios and quickly find out how your license usage can be optimized by using a central server for license management.

With the help of inCharge, you can see what you need to see quick as a flash. Simply display licenses that are used in parallel and evaluate the analyses. You can identify usage peaks and act before license requests are refused.

Because the devil’s always in the detail, you can, for example, even display usage trends within defined time periods. This means that you can counteract bottlenecks, arm yourself against downtimes, and increase productivity. You can use the “WatchDog” tool to remove licenses that are not being used from employees and assign them to other users who need them.

inCharge provides you with really useful information here. At a glance, you can see the extent to which individual licenses are used, and you can adjust your stock of licenses accordingly. This allows you to cut down quite considerably on your license costs.

But it gets even better: Because all of the information is kept in a separate central database, you have access to it at all times via the reporting interface. This means you have a clear picture of your licensing needs at all times and can assign licenses to individual departments in accordance with their needs. Licenses that are not needed can easily be recalled.

With inCharge, you get the facts, giving you an exact overview of costs on the basis of detailed reports. Thanks to integrated analysis functions, you can break down these reports by defining a specific period or by specifying a cost center or department and display the results accordingly. The level of detail is entirely up to you.

You can also check license usage, usage peaks, and refusals for whatever period you want, and you can adjust your licensing agreements in order to optimize costs.

You get the perfect overview with inCharge. For example, you can structure license usage by employee, workstation, or organizational unit, and you can evaluate the maximum usage of individual licenses over a certain period. This helps you to decide which licenses you need in the future and which are not required. You can then negotiate the optimum licensing package with the supplier.

The nature and quantity of the licenses that you are allowed to use are regulated in your contract, along with the usage conditions. However: The burden of proof lies on you. With inCharge, you can kill two birds with one stone: On the one hand, you can determine the maximum number of used licenses. But you can also display a detailed breakdown of usage, and settle costs in a use-based manner, which also allows you to demonstrate your compliance to the software manufacturer.

With inCharge, this is possible with whatever level of detail you desire. You can display your license users individually or by user group or organizational unit, such as location, company, department, or cost center etc. Naturally, you can also evaluate and display usage anonymously for operational reasons.

Thanks to detailed displays and analyses, you’ll be able to identify usage peaks in good time and act accordingly. This means that you can totally avoid license bottlenecks, ensure smooth processes, and increase productivity as a result.