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Solution Summary

inCharge Solution Summary

inCharge is a professional software solution that allows you to centrally monitor the usage of your pool of licenses, manage and evaluate these licenses, and optimize them accordingly. Our product brochure contains all the important details about inCharge.


inCharge Techpaper

inCharge simplifies the entire administration of the stock of licenses at your company. User-friendly clients allow license management and analysis to take place centrally at your enterprise from every single work station. Our technical paper contains all the technical information you need about inCharge.

Success Stories

SMS group GmbH

SMS group GmbH is optimizing its CAD license management with inCharge. “For us, it’s a real advantage to have a constant overview of the available CAD licenses. Our designers – around 1,400 of them around the world – need only around half of the license set,” says Günter Rasche, CAD Project Manager and responsible for CAD license management at SMS group GmbH.

The Marquardt Group

Marquardt is optimizing its pool of software licenses for CAD applications and other engineering tools using inCharge. “inCharge has meant that – for the first time – we’re now able to evaluate and document actual license usage across different license servers in a stable, uniform manner,” says Fritz Bruns, CAD Officer at the Marquardt Gruppe.

Daimler AG

With Daimler’s strategic decision to switch from using CATIA as its CAD system to Siemens NX, a new requirement arose for the correct distribution of license costs to the various cost centers in accordance with actual usage. “With inCharge, we are able to measure usage precisely and globally in order to get the transparency we need when assigning Siemens NX license costs during cost allocation,” says Antonius Kuczera from Engineering Operations at Daimler AG.

BSH Hausgeräte GmbH

BSH Hausgeräte GmbH monitors its technical software licenses throughout the company using inCharge. “inCharge gives us complete reliability to manage 29 different software products with around 800 different license features and 1,500 users,” says Herbert Heuberger of BSH Hausgeräte GmbH.