Top efficiency

WatchDog – a keen nose for sniffing out extra efficiency

WatchDog never sleeps, remaining alert at all times and noting if someone stashes away a license just because they might need it sometime later that day.

WatchDog is an additional inCharge module that constantly checks which licenses are used and which are not. In this way, it is able to identify free resources, releasing them to other users where needed – albeit not without informing the original user first.

WatchDog cuts down idle time for licenses to almost nothing, and reduces overall usage by 15-20%. It means you have all options open: You can reduce your license pool and save on costs. Or you can increase the number of users because your company is continuing to grow.

WatchDog ensures ruthless efficiency: Someone who isn’t actually using a license doesn’t get to squirrel it away. This drastically reduces license idling by up to 20%.

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